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Simon Catlow was born on February 27, 1980. He is much loved and will always be remembered by all his family and friends. John Andy and Ben will keep his name alive. Simon was a perfectionist. He was a good man.


Ben is doing really well, I hope you all send him positive thoughts,. He has amazed us in the last few months. He is over 6 foot tall now, goes to the gym 4/5 times a week and is getting back to playing football to the standard he was used to. He has got over his brain illness from last year in the main. Ben has been picked for a national side to play at the Britannia Stadium Stoke on 6th June. I cannot believe how determined he is. He is so like Simon In every way. Anything mechanical or needs mending, he does it naturally. His dad Simon once built an entire flat pack suite for us while we were in town, we had had it for over 9 MONTHS in the box. Anyway thanks to all who send messages. This helps us all remember Simon, it is sad and Ben misses him a lot, Simon would have made a great dad to Ben, they are so alike. by way Ben got a GIRLFRIEND. It OK he sat here trying to watch what I have written
Sent by SIMONS FRIENDS on 14/04/2016
I wanted to keep anyone who looks at this site up to date with how Simon's son Ben is doing. We all still miss Simon, it does not seem so long ago that we lost him but the years have passed and we all think of him regularly. His dad and Andy are fantastic with Ben and make sure he is Ok. Ben has had a tough year. He had a virus on the brain which needed a craniotomy. He amazed us all be making light of it and putting a really positive spin on what had happened. He has made a superb recovery and is back playing football . he loves football and is captain of school, Sunday side and is trying to get back to Academy standard after his op. We all commented during his illness how much like Simon he is. He loves life and people and is the most thoughtful boy you could wish to meet. He was in hospital for 4 months and all of the time his only concern was for others and the staff who looked after him. It was amazing in our darkest times when we thought we might lose him, a 13 year old boy pulled us through and strengthened us with his attitude. Uplifting is not word enough. I am happy the money raised is being used for good. Please keep Ben, Simon , Jen, John and Andy in your thoughts , We do. Have a Happy Christmas, ( Ben is getting a Pug puppy) I said he could never have a dog, but, how can you refuse? God Bless.
Sent by SIMONS FRIENDS on 12/11/2015
Welcome to your updated tribute fund to Simon Catlow. We hope that you find it a positive experience developing the site and that it becomes a place of comfort and inspiration for you to visit whenever you want or need to.
Sent by The Christie Charity on 09/11/2015
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